Maintaining Exercise Regimen with Hectic Schedules

Steady minor modifications have a huge impact

  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Say “No” to junk food and replace it with healthier options most of the time
  • A dip in the hotel swimming pool (you see, even travelling can help you exercise!)
  • Walk as much as you can. Get out of the bus/taxi at least two blocks away from your destination.
  • Engage in short but rather intensive workouts (a great tip if you are ultra busy)
  • A few stretches, push-ups, and crunches requires 10-15 minutes and can be done at home, hotel, private office, you name it!

Good health does not mean going to a gym

I’m certainly not against using a gym. In fact, many people find the gym highly motivating but for those who are short of time, all the above exercises can be easily done anywhere with no need for any sophisticated equipments. Still, some of us manage to invent very creative excuses to avoid consistent exercising. Anyway, the results of adhering to these small workouts are immense enough to motivate one to follow through. Some of them can be:

  1. High Level of Energy – When one travels, it is natural to feel exhausted particularly when crossing time-zones. But a regular exercise greatly contributes to maintaining stamina and high energy levels which leads to better productivity.
  2. Sound Sleep – Exercising is a proven recipe for sound sleep. When travelling it can be difficult to get the desired amount of sleep but exercising helps in maintaining a proper sleep pattern
  3. Toxic sweat – On business trips, it is very common that people often get indulged in alcohol and other toxic drinks. A regular exercise pattern can get rid of this toxic waste in the form of sweat.
  4. Burning Calories – Although this should never be number one reason for exercising, it is a definite bonus that that comes with it. Many weight-related diseases can automatically disappear thanks to regular exercising.
  5. Goodbye Stress ! – exercising greatly helps in getting rid of the stress that some people face while travelling.
  6. Muscle Toner – Carrying heavy luggage and jostling through the rush are very common while travelling. This could sometimes result in pain and fatigue. Exercise helps in stretching the muscles so that the tension that has gripped them can be released.

If the benefits of exercise are common sense and known to everyone, then why there is still a need to emphasize the significance of maintaining a health regimen? Sometimes we need someone to come forward and remind us about the obvious facts so that the obvious doesn’t slip into oblivion!

I sincerely hope that the ultra short none-excusable workout techniques mentioned above can help us all in creating an ongoing exercising routine that’s both highly beneficial and enjoyable.

Enjoy investing in your most precious asset: YOU!



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