Chris Anderson: Don’t pursue your passion. Pursue the things that will empower you. Knowledge, discipline, generosity.

Don’t pursue your passion directly. At least not yet. Instead… pursue the things that will empower you. Pursue knowledge. Be relentlessly curious. Listen, learn. You’re leaving Harvard this week, but your learning cannot ever, ever be allowed to stop.


Pursue discipline. It’s an old-fashioned word, but it’s never been more important.Today’s world is full of an impossible number of distractions. The world-changers are those who find a way of ignoring most of them.


And above all. Pursue generosity. Not just because it will add meaning to your life — though it will do that — but because your future is going to be built on great ideas and in the future you are entering, great ideas HAVE to be given away. They do. The world is more interconnected than ever. The rules of what you give and what you hold on to have changed forever. If you hold on to your best ideas, maybe you can for a moment grab some short-term personal commercial gain. But if you let them roam free, they can spread like wildfire, earning you a global reputation. They can be reshaped and improved by others. They can achieve impact and influence in the world far greater than if you were to champion them alone. If we’ve discovered anything at TED these past few years, it’s that radical openness pays. We gave away our talks on the web, and far from killing demand for the conference, it massively increased it, turning TED from something which reached 800 people once a year to something which reached half a million people every day. We gave away our brand in the form of TEDx, and far from diluting TED, it democratized it, and multiplied its footprint a thousand fold.

Knowledge, discipline, generosity. If you pursue those with all the determination you possess, one day before too long, without you even knowing it, the chance to realize your most spectacular dreams will come gently tap you on the shoulder and whisper… let’s go.  And you’ll be ready.

And that is how you’re going to help shape a better future for all of us.


What did I do on May 27, 2010?

Yesterday, I posted my checkins result from Recently, I’ve just received my result from pastposts. Did not really much back on that day, eh? Just try it if you’re curious about what you did back in a year ago 🙂



May 27, 2010

Let’s see what you did that day Daniel. Let’s. See.

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Picture?type=square Arnold Sitorus at 09:05 pm
lu ke cinere mall aja dulu. ada McD (deket rs puri cinere), nah lu tunggu disana. nanti hub gw aja ke hape kalo udh sampe ok
Picture?type=square Daniel Giovanni at 12:05 am
kok gw gak ada nomer lo sih nold?
Picture?type=square Kiki Desmaykha at 09:05 pm
daneeeeeelllll besok bareng gw ajaaaaaaaa!! muqit juga bareng gw!! sms gw cung!!
Picture?type=square Daniel Giovanni at 12:05 am
sms terbalas cuy

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Where were I on May 26, 2010?

According to, I were checking in at Magnivate, Warung Nasi Brainstorming, then head back to Magnivate again. You should try it! 🙂



Hi there Daniel!

May 26, 2010 was a Wednesday. Here are your checkins from that day:

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

9:14 AM Default Magnivate
  “Absen pagi!”

9:31 AM “Happy birthday, @unwinged! Salam dahsyat! :D”

12:17 PM Default Warung Nasi Brainstorming Nenek & Kakek Super Enak Bolo-Bolo
Asian Restaurant
  “Nyobain sop tulang iga. Katanya enak.”

1:00 PM “Warung nasi ini bener2 butuh bantuan tenaga kerja tambahan. Yang makan puluhan orang tapi yang kerjain cuma sepasang opa oma.”

1:52 PM Default Magnivate
  “Kembali ke leptop!”

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Nice job year-ago Daniel! That was a solid day. How about a repeat this year?

Coming up in the next week:

1 Church, 1 Home, 1 Park, 1 Indie Movie Theater, 1 Multiplex, 1 Automotive Shop, 1 Movie Theater, 5 Universities, 1 Hospital, 2 Asian Restaurants, 2 Offices, and 1 Miscellaneous Shop.

benny + jonathan + matt

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Review bokap setelah naik pesawat Merpati MA 60 waktu trip ke Waingapu kemarin

Pagi tadi bokap ngirim email ke gue sama adek gue. Isinya ternyata review doi tentang pesawat Merpati MA 60 yang dipake waktu trip ke Waingapu kemaren. Emang nih ya, kalo engineer vision-nya beda. Ini kutipan isi email dari doi, lengkap sama .pdf yang dia bikin lengkap sama foto-fotonya.

Dear all,

 My experience flying with the new Merpati MA 60.
The engine is strong – P&W engine
But Safety seems very poor:
1. Very narrow space in side
2. Loaded with 64 passanger
3. Main door is small like enter a small cave
4. emergency door is small
should be problem during emergency evacuation.

 Best regards,

Apparently there’s a scientific answer why does Apple could be considered as a religion

Next time Grandma asks why you’re going to the mall on Sunday morning instead of church, tell her you’re going to Apple Chapel.

For Apple fans, the brand triggers a reaction in the brain that’s not unlike that of religious devotees, according to a BBC documentary series that cites neurological research.

The neuroscientists ran a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) test on an Apple fanatic and discovered that images of the technology company’s gadgets lit up the same parts of the brain as images of a deity do for religious people, the report says.

The first episode of the documentary shows Apple employees “whipped up into some sort of crazy, evangelical frenzy” at the recent opening of an Apple store in London.

So, are you a true believers? An agnostic? A fanatic? Who cares. Let’s go to the Apple Church! 😀