My Resolutions for 2010.

Alright! We’ve passed 2009 and now we’re in the year 2010. Welcome to the new decade! I’ve already posted my 2009 resolutions review and now it’s time for some new resolutions:

  1. Resurrect Dunia50mm (my photoblog) and post 100 pictures in 2010.
  2. Uploaded 10 vlogs to Youtube every month.
  3. Get myself graduated! Daniel Giovanni, S.Kom.
  4. Completed a bible reading from Genesis to Revelation.
  5. Trip to 5 cities outside Jakarta and Bandung (preferable cities with parkour communities)
  6. Serve God with all talents given by Him, all for His glory.
  7. Replace my Treo 680 with another touch screen smartphone. No BlackBerry except I get it freely. 😛

What’s yours?


A Review of My Resolutions for 2009

Darn, 2009 is almost over and I remember that I’ve posted my resolution for 2009 on my blog ( ). Now let’s get some reviews!

1. Start photoblogging. One picture per day in 50mm. Feel free to
visit Dunia50mm
! 🙂
As you can see. It didn’t last long. I even got this resolution strikethrough-ed. Only posted 6 out of 365 pics. I’ve pondered that I’m gonna resurrect this photoblog again in 2010. But can’t guarantee about it yet.

2. Trying to put morning Bible reading as a habit.
I have to admit that this is quite hard for me. Succeeded in a month, and then failed a month, and it happened for the rest months of 2009. It means I have failed on this resolution. 😦

3. Jog 3 times a week through Cipete Raya – Pangeran Antasari – Asem Dua – Fatmawati – Cipete Raya.
Failed. But I succeeded in running 10km nonstop for the first time. Thank God for Nike+ and GLTD (Ganyang Lemak To Demak) friends on Twitter, now I’ve got another motivation to run besides parkour. 😉

4. Be a good traceur and spread the original Parkour.
I’ve realized that this is not a personal resolution anymore. This resolution needs a whole community. I guess Parkour Indonesia (especially Jakarta and Bandung) has been working hard on this and we all wanted everybody to experience parkour. Parkour for everyone!

5. Maintain GPA above 3.00. -_-‘
Succeeded! My last GPA after taking a short semester this year is 3.07! 😉 Wish I could maintain this until I’ve got graduated.

6. Involved in many social activities and make a lot of new friends
(and channels for sure).

Also succeeded! And most of my social activities in 2009 are started with Twitter. This 140-character service really brings social life to a complete new level.

How’s yours? Please do share! 🙂

Nearby ‘super-Earth’ is only about 40 light-years away. What is a light year?

So the star we are seeing is really how the star looked a million years ago, not how it looks today. In the same way, our sun is 8 or so light minutes away. If the sun were to suddenly explode right now, we wouldn’t know about it for eight minutes because that is how long it would take for the light of the explosion to get here.

186,000 miles/second * 60 seconds/minute * 60 minutes/hour * 24 hours/day * 365 days/year = 5,865,696,000,000 miles/year

A light year is 5,865,696,000,000 miles (9,460,800,000,000 kilometers). That’s a long way!

Even if we are able to travel in light year, we’ll spend most of our life in the spaceship. Teleport is the only way.


The painful truth about trainers: Are expensive running shoes a waste of money? | Mail Online

Then there’s the secretive Tarahumara tribe, the best long-distance runners in the world. These are a people who live in basic conditions in Mexico, often in caves without running water, and run with only strips of old tyre or leather thongs strapped to the bottom of their feet. They are virtually barefoot.

Come race day, the Tarahumara don’t train. They don’t stretch or warm up. They just stroll to the starting line, laughing and bantering, and then go for it, ultra-running for two full days, sometimes covering over 300 miles, non-stop. For the fun of it. One of them recently came first in a prestigious 100-mile race wearing nothing but a toga and sandals. He was 57 years old.

Running barefoot, anyone?

Di TL Sarinah sama Kebon Sirih itu Yellow Box Junction toh. Yang kotak gede di jalur lambat Sudirman apaan?

Selanjutnya dalam pelaksanaan penindakan pihak Polda masih akan melakukan sosialisasi, ”Kita masih mesosialisasikan mungkin setelah 3 bulan pemasangan baru akan di lakukan penindakan” pungkasnya.

Pelaksanaan pemasangan kamera ini untuk sementara ditempatkan dijalur protokol salah satunya di TL Sarinah Jl. MH Thamrin, Jakpus. Nantinya disana akan ditempatkan 4 Kamera dimasing–masing jalur. ”Insya Allah bulan januari tahun depan baru akan dilaunching,” ujar Condro .

Condro menambahkan, selain itu Ditlantas Polda Metro Jaya pun akan menerapkan Program Yellow Box Junction yaitu Garis berwarna kuning yang akan ditempatkan didepan depan lampu merah yang padat arus lalu lintasnya. Dimana nantinya para pengendara mobil atau motor walaupun lampu hijaunya sudah menyala masih harus berhenti dibelakang garis tersebut. Menunggu kendaraan yang didepannya lancar terlebih dahulu.

”Ini guna menghindari penumpukan kendaraan ditengah perempatan“ ujar Condro.

Yellow Box Junction ini pun baru dipasang di dua titik lampu merah di Jakarta yaitu di TL Sarinah dan Kebon Sirih “Team kami masih melakukan pekajian titik–titik mana lagi yang akan ditempatkan,” ujarnya .

Selain itu Dirlantas pun menjelaskan pihaknya masih terus menyosialisasikan Undang-Undang No. 22 tahun 2009 tentang Lalulintas dan angkutan jalan. Di antaranya dengan program police goes to campus.

“Ini kita masih melakukan seperti di kampus–kampus“ pungkasnya.