Buang Pusing Di Singapore – Day 3


Third day in Singapore, my sore throat is getting worse and worse. We went to Bugis Street today, I’ve bought two shorts for S$25. Then we continued our trip to Sands Sky Park. Some friends of mine spotted Justin Timberlake-alike at the pool, we’re not really sure about that too.

Our third destination was Merlion Statue. We had lunch at ThaiExpress before we went there. Jurong Point has been our furthest destination since we got here. We’ve separated ourselves from the group after that.

Some still stayed at Jurong, some went to Orchard, and I went back to the hostel to get a free wifi connection to get suggestion where to buy iPhone tripod. Suggestions were coming on my Twitter replies, all suggested me to check out Mustafa Center.

Been strolling around the lowest story up until the highest one but can’t find what I’ve been looking for. I end up having dinner at an Indian restaurant, ordered nasi padang (which tastes curry so much) and 2 glass of teh tarik. And that’s how I end the third day.

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3 pemikiran pada “Buang Pusing Di Singapore – Day 3

  1. chikastuff

    gue baru abis dari sana sampe hari minggu sore. :))btw motretnya pake iphone? pake aplikasi apa ya? warnanya bisa berubah-ubah gitu. :-/

  2. Anonim

    @alderinaYep, bokapnya temen gw ngajakin kesitu soalnya. Ngikut aja lah kita :)@chikastuffYep. Waktu gw checkin 4sq gw liat ada elo soalnya di Changi :DMotretnya pake Camera+ app di iPhone 🙂

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