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A Na’vi face is just a beginning. Now you also need a Na’vi tongue. I’ve just browsed through http://www.learnnavi.org and found these two PDFs below (will be frequently updated by the author).


Gamelan in James Cameron’s Avatar

GB: That’s interesting about the created or altered instruments. Could you be more specific?

JH: There were a lot of vocal sounds I took from various places. These were odd vocal sounds that I would manipulate digitally and there were interesting flutes, for instance, from South America and Finland that I wanted to be more abstract. I also have instruments invented from scratch. They were programmed. There were a lot of instruments that sound like flutes of different sorts, but they were combined with gamelan-sounding instruments. The gamelan is Balinese. The word itself means “orchestra.” The individual gamelan instruments are these bell-like sounds. A lot of the percussion for “Avatar” is gamelan-based or sounds gamelan-based. So this has this sort of quality of ringing bells, like Indonesian music. It’s a very pretty fusion of different worlds that gives the place itself a quality that is magical. Using it for percussion, rather than drums or other things, gives a sort of magical glow to everything. And as I said there were a lot of instruments that I invented and worked on with my programs. I was very particular.

Facts behind cin(T)a

  1. Film HD bukan 35mm. 
  2. Teknik mesin, elektro, komunitas film ITB sama2 bikin dolly track. Karya anak bangsa! 
  3. Dunia milik berdua yang lain outframe. 😛 
  4. Some familiar sets: Kampus ITB, GKI Taman Cibunut, perumaha penduduk belakang Ciwalk. 
  5. Gw liat Erika (di behind the scene), senior gw di Rancang Bangun 5! Kalo gak salah baca sih Production Manager. 
  6. Screening duluan di Inggris bukan gara2 pengen disebar di luar negeri dulu, tapi sebelum rilis di Indonesia udah keburu diundang disana. 
  7. Surfacing questions. Biar penonton yg jawab. 
  8. Kenapa gak 21, krn hrs convert digital ke film which is seharga bikin filmnya sendiri. 

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