My Resolutions for 2010.

Alright! We’ve passed 2009 and now we’re in the year 2010. Welcome to the new decade! I’ve already posted my 2009 resolutions review and now it’s time for some new resolutions:

  1. Resurrect Dunia50mm (my photoblog) and post 100 pictures in 2010.
  2. Uploaded 10 vlogs to Youtube every month.
  3. Get myself graduated! Daniel Giovanni, S.Kom.
  4. Completed a bible reading from Genesis to Revelation.
  5. Trip to 5 cities outside Jakarta and Bandung (preferable cities with parkour communities)
  6. Serve God with all talents given by Him, all for His glory.
  7. Replace my Treo 680 with another touch screen smartphone. No BlackBerry except I get it freely. 😛

What’s yours?


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