A Review of My Resolutions for 2009

Darn, 2009 is almost over and I remember that I’ve posted my resolution for 2009 on my blog ( http://kratzervonqronoz.blogspot.com/2009/01/my-resolutions-for-2009.html ). Now let’s get some reviews!

1. Start photoblogging. One picture per day in 50mm. Feel free to
visit Dunia50mm
! 🙂
As you can see. It didn’t last long. I even got this resolution strikethrough-ed. Only posted 6 out of 365 pics. I’ve pondered that I’m gonna resurrect this photoblog again in 2010. But can’t guarantee about it yet.

2. Trying to put morning Bible reading as a habit.
I have to admit that this is quite hard for me. Succeeded in a month, and then failed a month, and it happened for the rest months of 2009. It means I have failed on this resolution. 😦

3. Jog 3 times a week through Cipete Raya – Pangeran Antasari – Asem Dua – Fatmawati – Cipete Raya.
Failed. But I succeeded in running 10km nonstop for the first time. Thank God for Nike+ and GLTD (Ganyang Lemak To Demak) friends on Twitter, now I’ve got another motivation to run besides parkour. 😉

4. Be a good traceur and spread the original Parkour.
I’ve realized that this is not a personal resolution anymore. This resolution needs a whole community. I guess Parkour Indonesia (especially Jakarta and Bandung) has been working hard on this and we all wanted everybody to experience parkour. Parkour for everyone!

5. Maintain GPA above 3.00. -_-‘
Succeeded! My last GPA after taking a short semester this year is 3.07! 😉 Wish I could maintain this until I’ve got graduated.

6. Involved in many social activities and make a lot of new friends
(and channels for sure).

Also succeeded! And most of my social activities in 2009 are started with Twitter. This 140-character service really brings social life to a complete new level.

How’s yours? Please do share! 🙂


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