#GalihTU on 2.1.12 at Urban Kitchen Senayan City


The first I-think-I-can-say-it’s-BIG tweetup in 2012! Those who showed up:

  1. @galihwismoyo or @wismoyosakti
  2. @willyirawan
  3. @titisapto
  4. @farhansv
  5. @ayubski
  6. @mondododo
  7. @chioo
  8. @inggriasto
  9. @andratdj
  10. @rezaprabowo
  11. @misshitta
  12. @bellamy
  13. @budi
  14. @qronoz
  15. @hellosigit
  16. @iambadung
  17. @farizvanjava
  18. @fannyfanny
  19. @alderina
  20. @natalixia
  21. @tieshadiona
  22. @themma

… pardon me if I skipped some names. I hope I didn’t.


What did I do on May 27, 2010?

Yesterday, I posted my checkins result from 4squareand7yearsago.com. Recently, I’ve just received my result from pastposts. Did not really much back on that day, eh? Just try it if you’re curious about what you did back in a year ago 🙂



May 27, 2010

Let’s see what you did that day Daniel. Let’s. See.

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Picture?type=square Arnold Sitorus at 09:05 pm
lu ke cinere mall aja dulu. ada McD (deket rs puri cinere), nah lu tunggu disana. nanti hub gw aja ke hape kalo udh sampe ok
Picture?type=square Daniel Giovanni at 12:05 am
kok gw gak ada nomer lo sih nold?
Picture?type=square Kiki Desmaykha at 09:05 pm
daneeeeeelllll besok bareng gw ajaaaaaaaa!! muqit juga bareng gw!! sms gw cung!!
Picture?type=square Daniel Giovanni at 12:05 am
sms terbalas cuy

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Where were I on May 26, 2010?

According to 4squareand7yearsago.com, I were checking in at Magnivate, Warung Nasi Brainstorming, then head back to Magnivate again. You should try it! 🙂



Hi there Daniel!

May 26, 2010 was a Wednesday. Here are your checkins from that day:

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

9:14 AM Default Magnivate
  “Absen pagi!”

9:31 AM “Happy birthday, @unwinged! Salam dahsyat! :D”

12:17 PM Default Warung Nasi Brainstorming Nenek & Kakek Super Enak Bolo-Bolo
Asian Restaurant
  “Nyobain sop tulang iga. Katanya enak.”

1:00 PM “Warung nasi ini bener2 butuh bantuan tenaga kerja tambahan. Yang makan puluhan orang tapi yang kerjain cuma sepasang opa oma.”

1:52 PM Default Magnivate
  “Kembali ke leptop!”

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Nice job year-ago Daniel! That was a solid day. How about a repeat this year?

Coming up in the next week:

1 Church, 1 Home, 1 Park, 1 Indie Movie Theater, 1 Multiplex, 1 Automotive Shop, 1 Movie Theater, 5 Universities, 1 Hospital, 2 Asian Restaurants, 2 Offices, and 1 Miscellaneous Shop.

benny + jonathan + matt

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Dear Mom And Dad, Happy 24th Anniversary!

Sent this sms earlier today:

“Dear Papa & Mama, happy 24th anniversary! Thanks for being such a great parents for Daniel & Sammy 🙂 GBU /cc Sammy”

Then mom replied:

“Ok Daniel, thanks Jesus for His kindness and protection to us. He hv given us two great sons.. We know that all things hv been planned before by God. Praise the Lord! Pa n ma”

Then dad replied:

“Thanks my lovely sons, both of you Daniel and Samuel are God blessing for us..Praise the Lord..GBU cc: Samuel/Mama”

Those are the reasons why February 14 is always more than just a Valentine day for my family 🙂


A review of my 2010 resolutions. And my resolutions for 2011.

Here’s a review for my 2010 resolutions:

Resurrect Dunia50mm (my photoblog) and post 100 pictures in 2010.

I’ll say forget it. My photoblog is definitely buried down there. And uh, posted 100 pictures in 2010? Of course it’s completed. Twitpic, Instagram, Flickr, you name it!

Uploaded 10 vlogs to Youtube every month.

I don’t think that I’ve succeed in completing this resolutions. But I’m quite sure that there I’ll upload more video with better quality (and content) in 2011.

Get myself graduated! Daniel Giovanni, S.Kom.

This one is pretty obvious, isn’t it? Hell yeah!

Completed a bible reading from Genesis to Revelation.

I’d say almost … almost tried to start it. *sigh*

Trip to 5 cities outside Jakarta and Bandung (preferably cities with parkour communities)

As long as I remember, I only travelled to Singapore and Medan. Fail.

Serve God with all talents given by Him, all for His glory.

I’d say so-so. Lotsa things changed in 2010. I have to admit that I rarely joined Youth GBI Kebayoran’s activities since I get into all the work stuffs. Kinda missed my old days.

Replace my Treo 680 with another touch screen smartphone. No BlackBerry except I get it freely. 😛

Oh yeah. I’ve replaced my Treo 680 with an iPhone 3GS.

So, how about my resolution for 2011?

I’d rather not get ’em listed. Just like what I’ve experienced in 2010, I had so many absurd dreams, one of ’em is attending Barack Obama live speech. I thought it was like something that I couldn’t get. But the awesomeness happened. I won the US embassy’s Twitter quiz and got the chance to see the public speech live when POTUS made a visit to Indonesia in November 2010. And the best part is, I even got the chance to sit in the front seat to watch the speech and shook Obama’s hand.

Maybe I’ll just go with these keywords for my 2011 resolutions: keep catching dreams, travel, take some new challenges, parkour.

Milestones that I’ve completed in 2010

It’s Dec 31st, 2010 and my Twitter timeline is loaded with all #my2010, #2010memories, and all 2010 reviews. I guess 140 characters won’t fit for my review, so I’ll get them compiled here in a blogpost. I’ll try to get all things that I considered as my milestones listed here. Enjoy!

  1. Volunteered in the media pit team (under promotion division) at Java Jazz Festival 2010 [Mar 2010]
  2. Accidentally interviewed by LA Times during Parkour Jakarta visit to Little Barry statue in Menteng [Mar 2010]
  3. Watched video mapping projection live in Museum Fatahillah [Mar 2010]
  4. Eduard Khil (Trololo guy) checked out Trololo compilation video and he commented on my video! See on 1:56! [Mar 2010]
  5. Participated in Earth Hour 2010 with Parkour Jakarta [Mar 2010]
  6. Joined Magnivate! [Apr 2010]
  7. Volunteered for the first time in TEDxJakarta (in their 4th event) [May 2010]
  8. Training with Parkour Cinere for the first time [May 2010]
  9. Highschool reunion (batch 1951-2010) [Jun 2010]
  10. Went to Kidzania (Pacific Place) for the first time [Jul 2010]
  11. Watched the World Cup final match between Netherland and Spain at blitzmegaplex [Jul 2010]
  12. A walk from Jakarta to Bogor by foot with Parkour Jakarta [Jul 2010]
  13. Finished my thesis and got an A for it [Jul 2010]
  14. Became a Mac user
  15. 5th TEDxJakarta. Bigger venue, bigger crowd! [Jul 2010]
  16. #pinoditaTU! [Jul 2010]
  17. Singapore trip with @sisqiandika @adindayu @adiguna204 @ayuamelia_ @saskiiiiaaa [Aug 2010]
  18. #17TU and breaking the fast together with @ID4SQ [Aug 2010]
  19. Masuk detik lewat blognya fanabis! [Aug 2010]
  20. Parkour Indonesia National Jam 2010 with guest from @ParkourGenerations: Stephane Vigroux and Thomas Couetdic [Sep 2010]
  21. First #skypeunite meetup in Grand Indonesia [Oct 2010]
  22. Volunteered for the 2nd time in Java Rockin’land [Oct 2010]
  23. Going to the 1st TEDxBandung [Oct 2010]
  24. Stepped my foot for the first time in Sumatra Island [Nov 2010]
  25. Obama shook my hand after his speech at University of Indonesia! [Nov 2010]
  26. Graduated from Binus University. I’m officially Daniel Giovanni, S.Kom! [Nov 2010]
  27. Watched the football match live in Gelora Bung Karno for the very first time [Nov 2010]
  28. Post kompilasi tweet @hedi di Posterous nembus rekor 500ribu view! [Dec 2010]

I don’t think that I’ve listed all milestones that I’ve completed. The conclusion is: I’M HAPPY WITH ALL I’VE BEEN THROUGH IN 2010 🙂

Completing 3 Milestones In 7 Days

What does it feels like to complete your life milestones in 7 days? IT FEELS GREAT! Here’s a summary of what I did on Nov 6-13, 2010. Enjoy!

1. Go to Sumatra


I’ve promised myself to visit all Indonesian main islands before I die. And apparently on Nov 6, 2010 I got a work stuff to do in Medan. It was great! Even only for 7 hour-visit. Kalimantan and Papua are still waiting for me. Just tell me if you got free airplane tickets for me to those destinations. 😀

2. Watch Barack Obama addressing his speech. Live.

Nov 11, 2010. I went to Balairung UI along with hundreds of people that got the invitation from US Embassy to watch Obama’s public speech there. Who am I? I’m not an alumni, not even the journalist/public figure, I’m just one of those Twitter quiz winner who got the chance to watch the speech there. Going there was already awesone, got a seat in a front row is more awesome, got a chance to shook my hand with Barack Obama is UBER AWESOME! 🙂

3. Get my Bachelor’s Degree

This is it! Finally I’ve graduated after 4 years of study in Bina Nusantara University. By completing my Computer Engineering study there, now I’ve got S.Kom. thingy after my name. Sarjana Komputer aka Bachelor of Computer Science. Thanks for all your support, mom and dad! This is for you 😉

So how about you? Don’t give up your dreams, don’t stop believing!

Hello world from danielgiovanni.com!

So, finally I decided to get myself a domain name. Bought it from Go Daddy with promo codes that cut almost $10 from the original price. Since I don’t know what should I do next, I guess it would be better to use my Posterous for the first kick. I’m absolutely need a tons of guidance and tips in managing all these stuffs.

Mohon bimbingannya! 🙂