Asian Debate: Which Of Asia’s 2018/2022 World Cup Contenders Is The Best Bet? –

Indonesia (2022 only)

Star Power – As yet nothing. FA chief Nurdin Halin was busy in Jakarta, in the words of the bid team, helping the government with its plan to increase exports.

Video – Good and focused on Indonesia’s strengths such as the beauty of the country, the location within South-East Asia, the hospitality of the people and the passion for the beautiful game.


The Indonesians Love Their Football

Pros – The friendliest bid. Also, taking the biggest sporting event in the world to the biggest Muslim nation has its appeal and does the fact that south-east Asia as a whole is crazy about football. It would also do wonders for the country’s standing.

Cons – Infrastructure, football and otherwise, would need serious investment and it is hard to see a mention of Indonesia and 2022 without the word terrorism – the smoke from the July bombings will take time to fade.





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