Parkour Bandung is getting bigger and bigger!

Earlier today, I trained with Parkour Bandung fellas. I slept only for 3,5 hours (blame #worldcup) but surprisingly I could get up at 7am (thanks to the iPhone alarm), so I guess it’s a good sign that I could join parkour training at ITB then.

As usual, they started the training with a long run around ITB campus. Then they started the conditioning session, I have to admit that their conditioning were a bit more harder that ours in Jakarta.

I joined @willyirawan and @adrtirta on first timers class. They’ve got quadrupedal movement, landing, precision, and short-tracking. And again, the only thing that I envy so much about their parkour training is their surrounding structures. I got home earlier to attend my high school reunion while Parkour Bandung fellas are about to start the sharing session.

FYI, I guess @ParkourBDG now has more traceuses than @ParkourJKT. I spotted around 8-10 traceuses today.


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