Confessions of a Naked Runner

In addition to the shoes, most runners will purchase a runners belt, blackberry’s, hydration bottles, a GPS-system, a heart-rate monitor, an MP3-player, …

When I run, I have a bottle of water/sport drink with me – that’s it.

Although I love music, I was actually enjoying running and enjoying the chatter of the local park, birds singing and people in the park. That became my music.

For example, the other night – I took off on a nightly run (I did have a small flashlight with me, so I would not be caught in the dark). As I turned the corner on mile 2 – what stood before me was an incredible view of the Red Rock Canyons (near Las Vegas, NV). I was awestruck on how beautiful the sun was behind those mountains. Although I have lived in Vegas for a long period of time, I really saw the mountains and twinkling of the first stars. I think I would have missed that moment, if I was grooving out to my latest tunes.



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