The New Year???s Resolution: Start Running! (Motivation, Tips & Tricks!)

The following is a list of great blog posts, spread over a number of running blogs, which will help, inform or motivate you as a new runner!

Tales & some tips from a formerly fat, “I’ll never run” chick

A year ago at this time, I would’ve thought that there was a better chance of going to the moon or making out with Ben Affleck (maybe making out with Ben Affleck on the moon) before I would ever, ever take up running.
2 half marathons, a running blog and a lost 30 pounds later, here I am training to run my first full marathon in June.

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7 tips for aspiring crazy runners

So you want to be a crazy runner? Maybe you already are – you just don’t know it yet!  Here are seven tips for navigating the road to running insanity.  Er – bliss.

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Less is More

It is easier to keep one New Year’s Resolution than many. Here is why you can have your cake and eat it too if you make your only New Year’s Resolution to take up running – by someone who lost 10kg / 22lbs thanks to running, while eating and drinking whatever he likes.

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New Year Equals New Runners

Meggie talks about how it takes knowledge and tenacity to become a runner. She is offering a few tips which will help you on your way!

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The RUNNER WITHIN is inside you. Always has been. And he/she wants to come out to play… But how to UNLEASH that runner in a smart and realistic way that won’t leave you hating it?

Below are 9 NEW RUNNER RULES to get you ready hit the road! (And coming back for more…)

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Is Running One of Your New Year’s Resolutions?
Here’s a 5-Point Plan for Success

Don’t get sucked into making a fitness resolution this year without a plan to achieve it. Use this simple 5-Point plan of attack to start running, stick to your goals, and achieve success.

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5 Beautifying Treadmill Tips

Starting to run during the cold & dark winter months can be defeating, especially if it’s done on a treadmill. Blistertoe gives 5 tips to outsmart Ol’ Jack Frost & beat the monotony of treadmill running.

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The guide to becoming a marathon runner

What to eat, a training plan, and great tips beginners may not know. Plus, the post is full of encouraging words!

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New to Running in 2011?

Hi this is Ashley from Getting Stronger, burning fat. Here are 10 tips to begin running in 2011. You can accomplish any goals you have by following these guidelines to ensure safe, fun running! This article covers proper stretching, shoes, run/walk method etc Good  luck!

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Unleash the Runner Within

No matter who you are, this article will give you some tips on how you can unleash your inner runner.

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So You Want To Run, eh?

How to start running, what time of day to run, where, gear, motivation.

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Let’s run!


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