According to research, there are certain food items that help you burn calories with just the act of eating them.

What would you do if someone told you that there are such things as fat burning foods? According to research, there are certain food items that help you burn calories with just the act of eating them. This is quite good news for those weight loss advocates. Here are some of them, possibly the top 10. 

Lean cut chicken

It doesn’t necessarily mean chicken alone, almost any meat would do for they are rich in protein.  Chicken however has the lowest cholesterol and fat content except the skin, which is totally the opposite. The white meat in good serving size will help you burn calories just by eating them. It takes a lot of energy to digest meat, thus burning more calories and fat in the process. This is also the reason why some diets promote protein over carbs. Well, you don’t have to necessarily eat protein alone, just add them and make sure you have healthy preparations as well. Expect the effort to be countered when you had the meat soaked in oil.


Spices specifically cayenne pepper and chilies are good additives to flavor up your meals and they are quite versatile that you can add them to almost any dish even your pizzas! Studies have shown that pepper component capsaicin helps lower fat and burn fat at the same time. It also promotes metabolism. You may notice at times that you sweat while eating a considerable amount of spice and this is evidence your metabolism is having a boost.

Olive oil

Yes, oils are fat but olive oil is different. It is actually a good source of fat that can help you lose weight. It provides healthy source of calories unlike most oils. Olive oil contains monounsaturated fat that helps you burn calories and fat. More than that, it also lowers cholesterol level. Of course we don’t expect you to drink them like water (that would turn out quite bad), but you probably want to have them in food preparations where you would likely use oils.

Low fat dairy products

There is a good connection with weight loss and calcium. Studies have shown that people drinking or having low fat dairy products rich in calcium had better outcomes with weight control. In low fat dairy products however they contain both protein and calcium, both apparently help metabolize fat. Choose your low fat milk of course like those skim and non fat yogurt.


Garlic can help you burn fat. It has certain component that helps in burning fat by reducing bad cholesterol. Adding them to your meals also add up to the satiety value.

Citrus fruits

Some foods contain chemicals that are conducive in reducing fat amount in the body, one of them is citrus fruits. A good intake of your oranges and lemons will help you burn fat effectively and also provide a good source of vitamin C good for your immunity.

Apples and berries

Apples and berries contain chemical called pectin. Pectin essentially limits the amount of fat your cells can absorb. It involves a certain bind with water at cellular level in which helps remove fat deposits. Apples are quite a good snack and can give you full nutrients.


Broccoli or basically any green veggies contain a lot of fiber. Fiber as we know acts as a good booster for metabolism. Eating a good amount will  help you control appetite and also allows more fat burning due to the boost in metabolism.

Whole grain

Whole grains and oats are great bulk food items. It lowers your appetite and makes you feel full. Also it contains a lot of fiber helping you burn more calories and fat just by regular intake. It is always a better option to choose over whole grain products for your cereals and bread.

Green tea

Green tea contains an antioxidant called EGCG which acts on burning calories throughout the day. Green tea is great taken as a drink and in replacement to coffee if you dislike too much caffeine. Natural green teas can give you lesser caffeine content but still help you stay away awake and alert.

Of course eating may help you burn fat but it doesn’t totally mean that it is the only thing you should do. There are definitely a lot of approaches for weight loss and you can add this technique to your main activities. Don’t forget exercise and a healthy living. Good luck!



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