Nokia N8: The World???s Largest Stop Motion Film

Nokia is making another big push to promote the quality cameras on board their latest range of phones, by partnering with Aardman Animations and Wieden + Kennedy once again to create the Gulp animation, a new Guinness World Record animation filmed on the Nokia N8.

The stop motion fim is shot entirely on the new Nokia N8, and aims to showcase the Carl Zeiss optics and its 12-megapixel photography capabilities. They managed to place three phones elevated some 36 meters above the ground on a cherry picker on a beach in South Wales, in the UK, to cover a canvas of 42 meters x 24 meters… Basically creating the “World’s Largest Stop-motion Animation”. Crazy effort…  

Do you remember the last world record stop motion animation by these guys?
It was the “World’s Smallest Stop Motion Animation



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