Parkour on CNN Health Minute

You also have to be mentally ready. “Just like playing golf, tennis or other physical activities, you’re always thinking about the next step,” he says. “You need to be focused with each movement that you take and never second-guess yourself.

This Sean Hannah guy explains parkour in a pretty good way. And another good thing is CNN also interviewed Dr. David Johnson (former Olympian and orthopedic surgeon) that warns, “Parkour is not a competitive sport. It is a vigorous form of exercise.”

Hannah has already got a good understanding about the philosophy but somehow I’m kinda worried after watching the 2 videos *click here if you can’t watch the video below* about him on I learned that we have to tuck our feet in almost every jumps we do (especially in precision jump) so we can focus on our foot placement and landed precisely.

This one is a very basic technique and that’s why I’m kinda worry about it. But, let’s say that he’s just quite nervous on camera. You did a great job, buddy!


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