American Parkour released an article as a respond to recent CNN article featuring Sean Hannah

It’s not just that they don’t have a full mastery of the techniques. If they haven’t been training long enough, they simply aren’t experienced enough to fully understand each of the techniques, and how to explain them. Just like you wouldn’t learn baseball from someone who first picked up a bat a year ago, or martial arts from a yellow belt, you don’t want to learn parkour from an inexperienced teacher. This article was inspired by a recent CNN article featuring Sean Hannah, who was a student at Primal Fitness just last summer. By watching the video, you can clearly see his inexperience with parkour techniques. It is dangerous to have inexperienced people teaching parkour, and every injury that results from a inexperienced teacher results in more negative press for parkour.

Last night, I posted my thought about CNN Health Minute article. As I said, that Sean Hannah guy didn’t seem walking in the wrong direction. He explains the history and philosophy of parkour pretty well. But then comes the videos.

For those of you who have trained parkour must’ve understand that you can’t jump and do a breakfall like he did. I mean, the article from American Parkour above is now answered my question. Hannah was a student at Primal Fitness just last summer! It means he’s just aprrox. So it’s around 6 months, isn’t it?

6 months could make you understand the fundamental well but I don’t think so with the techniques, except you’re training for 24/7 in those months. I guess it’s not a problem if CNN interviewed him (since media won’t care about which one is parkour or not), but it became everyone’s concern since Hannah opened a parkour class in a gym.

This is a challenge to every practitioners that we spread parkour just the way we already understand it. Parkour teaches us to measure ourselves and if you’re doing it right, you’ll know when is the right time for you to be ready to share what you’ve got from your parkour training.


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