A review of my 2010 resolutions. And my resolutions for 2011.

Here’s a review for my 2010 resolutions:

Resurrect Dunia50mm (my photoblog) and post 100 pictures in 2010.

I’ll say forget it. My photoblog is definitely buried down there. And uh, posted 100 pictures in 2010? Of course it’s completed. Twitpic, Instagram, Flickr, you name it!

Uploaded 10 vlogs to Youtube every month.

I don’t think that I’ve succeed in completing this resolutions. But I’m quite sure that there I’ll upload more video with better quality (and content) in 2011.

Get myself graduated! Daniel Giovanni, S.Kom.

This one is pretty obvious, isn’t it? Hell yeah!

Completed a bible reading from Genesis to Revelation.

I’d say almost … almost tried to start it. *sigh*

Trip to 5 cities outside Jakarta and Bandung (preferably cities with parkour communities)

As long as I remember, I only travelled to Singapore and Medan. Fail.

Serve God with all talents given by Him, all for His glory.

I’d say so-so. Lotsa things changed in 2010. I have to admit that I rarely joined Youth GBI Kebayoran’s activities since I get into all the work stuffs. Kinda missed my old days.

Replace my Treo 680 with another touch screen smartphone. No BlackBerry except I get it freely. 😛

Oh yeah. I’ve replaced my Treo 680 with an iPhone 3GS.

So, how about my resolution for 2011?

I’d rather not get ’em listed. Just like what I’ve experienced in 2010, I had so many absurd dreams, one of ’em is attending Barack Obama live speech. I thought it was like something that I couldn’t get. But the awesomeness happened. I won the US embassy’s Twitter quiz and got the chance to see the public speech live when POTUS made a visit to Indonesia in November 2010. And the best part is, I even got the chance to sit in the front seat to watch the speech and shook Obama’s hand.

Maybe I’ll just go with these keywords for my 2011 resolutions: keep catching dreams, travel, take some new challenges, parkour.


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