Milestones that I’ve completed in 2010

It’s Dec 31st, 2010 and my Twitter timeline is loaded with all #my2010, #2010memories, and all 2010 reviews. I guess 140 characters won’t fit for my review, so I’ll get them compiled here in a blogpost. I’ll try to get all things that I considered as my milestones listed here. Enjoy!

  1. Volunteered in the media pit team (under promotion division) at Java Jazz Festival 2010 [Mar 2010]
  2. Accidentally interviewed by LA Times during Parkour Jakarta visit to Little Barry statue in Menteng [Mar 2010]
  3. Watched video mapping projection live in Museum Fatahillah [Mar 2010]
  4. Eduard Khil (Trololo guy) checked out Trololo compilation video and he commented on my video! See on 1:56! [Mar 2010]
  5. Participated in Earth Hour 2010 with Parkour Jakarta [Mar 2010]
  6. Joined Magnivate! [Apr 2010]
  7. Volunteered for the first time in TEDxJakarta (in their 4th event) [May 2010]
  8. Training with Parkour Cinere for the first time [May 2010]
  9. Highschool reunion (batch 1951-2010) [Jun 2010]
  10. Went to Kidzania (Pacific Place) for the first time [Jul 2010]
  11. Watched the World Cup final match between Netherland and Spain at blitzmegaplex [Jul 2010]
  12. A walk from Jakarta to Bogor by foot with Parkour Jakarta [Jul 2010]
  13. Finished my thesis and got an A for it [Jul 2010]
  14. Became a Mac user
  15. 5th TEDxJakarta. Bigger venue, bigger crowd! [Jul 2010]
  16. #pinoditaTU! [Jul 2010]
  17. Singapore trip with @sisqiandika @adindayu @adiguna204 @ayuamelia_ @saskiiiiaaa [Aug 2010]
  18. #17TU and breaking the fast together with @ID4SQ [Aug 2010]
  19. Masuk detik lewat blognya fanabis! [Aug 2010]
  20. Parkour Indonesia National Jam 2010 with guest from @ParkourGenerations: Stephane Vigroux and Thomas Couetdic [Sep 2010]
  21. First #skypeunite meetup in Grand Indonesia [Oct 2010]
  22. Volunteered for the 2nd time in Java Rockin’land [Oct 2010]
  23. Going to the 1st TEDxBandung [Oct 2010]
  24. Stepped my foot for the first time in Sumatra Island [Nov 2010]
  25. Obama shook my hand after his speech at University of Indonesia! [Nov 2010]
  26. Graduated from Binus University. I’m officially Daniel Giovanni, S.Kom! [Nov 2010]
  27. Watched the football match live in Gelora Bung Karno for the very first time [Nov 2010]
  28. Post kompilasi tweet @hedi di Posterous nembus rekor 500ribu view! [Dec 2010]

I don’t think that I’ve listed all milestones that I’ve completed. The conclusion is: I’M HAPPY WITH ALL I’VE BEEN THROUGH IN 2010 🙂

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