Where were I on May 26, 2010?

According to 4squareand7yearsago.com, I were checking in at Magnivate, Warung Nasi Brainstorming, then head back to Magnivate again. You should try it! 🙂



Hi there Daniel!

May 26, 2010 was a Wednesday. Here are your checkins from that day:

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

9:14 AM Default Magnivate
  “Absen pagi!”

9:31 AM “Happy birthday, @unwinged! Salam dahsyat! :D”

12:17 PM Default Warung Nasi Brainstorming Nenek & Kakek Super Enak Bolo-Bolo
Asian Restaurant
  “Nyobain sop tulang iga. Katanya enak.”

1:00 PM “Warung nasi ini bener2 butuh bantuan tenaga kerja tambahan. Yang makan puluhan orang tapi yang kerjain cuma sepasang opa oma.”

1:52 PM Default Magnivate
  “Kembali ke leptop!”

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Nice job year-ago Daniel! That was a solid day. How about a repeat this year?

Coming up in the next week:

1 Church, 1 Home, 1 Park, 1 Indie Movie Theater, 1 Multiplex, 1 Automotive Shop, 1 Movie Theater, 5 Universities, 1 Hospital, 2 Asian Restaurants, 2 Offices, and 1 Miscellaneous Shop.

benny + jonathan + matt

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