What did I do on May 27, 2010?

Yesterday, I posted my checkins result from 4squareand7yearsago.com. Recently, I’ve just received my result from pastposts. Did not really much back on that day, eh? Just try it if you’re curious about what you did back in a year ago 🙂



May 27, 2010

Let’s see what you did that day Daniel. Let’s. See.

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Picture?type=square Arnold Sitorus at 09:05 pm
lu ke cinere mall aja dulu. ada McD (deket rs puri cinere), nah lu tunggu disana. nanti hub gw aja ke hape kalo udh sampe ok
Picture?type=square Daniel Giovanni at 12:05 am
kok gw gak ada nomer lo sih nold?
Picture?type=square Kiki Desmaykha at 09:05 pm
daneeeeeelllll besok bareng gw ajaaaaaaaa!! muqit juga bareng gw!! sms gw cung!!
Picture?type=square Daniel Giovanni at 12:05 am
sms terbalas cuy

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