Why do I choose Feiyue shoes for my parkour training?


Grip: These shoes are the best shoes for grip I’ve ever worn. They’ll grip to almost any surface with ease and you’ll very rarely slip. This is also a problem as sometimes you need some slip on things like arm jumps to avoid hurting your ankles.

Shock absorption: NONE, these shoes are as basic as they come. You’ll be relying almost completely on your muscles and landing technique for absorption, however I think this is a good thing.

Weight: Straight away if when you lift your Feiyues they’re heavy in comparison to their size and even other trainers. This is due to them having a thick rubber sole. I don’t mind them being this weight but others might.

I chose the Feiyues after seeing them in action first hand. I was standing on a slippery wall on a subway watching a friend of mine (Street Team member Luke) do a precision to the other wall. I felt uncomfortable just standing on the wall in my Asics and yet Luke was quite happy jumping and walking up and down the very slippery surface.

The Feiyues have a slightly wider fit them normal trainers and sports shoes, so I found them a bit loose around my ankles but this was sorted with a sorbathane insole. If you have a narrow foot the Feiyue may not be for you. In terms of walking they are comfy but you can tell you’re in a thin shoe. Some people may find that uncomfortable.

I had my Feiyues for 3 weeks by the time the sole around the ball of my foot and toes was worn flat, but as these shoes aren’t designed for what we do it’s to be expected. However, I’ve had mine since early December and they still have a lot of life in them, and I can do any kind of training in them I wish.

Coming in white or black, both with natural rubber clobbered sole (orange brown), I don’t mind the look of them one bit. Although the plimpsole style may remind people of their primary school days doing P.E. in their pants and vests. Definitely not the most fashionable shoe.
I would say these trainers were VERY good for people with good landing technique and understanding of their body / control, as they are very unforgiving if you mess up a landing. Even if you can’t do your usual training in them they’re great for climbing.








Once you’ve got comfortable with your running shoes, you should try this one 😉


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